Sunday, July 8, 2007

Announcing: Summer Book Blog!

We read it first at TitusOneNine (we have them in our "Useful Links" down to the left of the page) - the folks at Breakpoint (the Prison Fellowship site) posted summer reading recommendations and encouraged folks to read books and blog about 'em.

Here at Northern Plains Anglicans, we invite you to read
Traveling Light:
Releasing the Burdens
You Were Never Intended to Bear
by Max Lucado.

This is a great little book, based on the 23rd Psalm. It's usually available in Christian bookstores and in the religion section of secular chain stores as well. The link above takes you to

Here's what Publisher's Weekly had to say about the book when it was released in 2001:
In Psalm 23, God counters the misconception that burden-bearing signals Christian maturity and admonishes followers to leave their loads at Christ's feet, as he is the only one truly equipped to handle the weight. Lucado dissects Psalm 23 while recounting tender tales of men and women who have overcome crushing circumstances with Christ's support. In keeping with Lucado's typical homespun style, humorous anecdotes often precede powerful punches of biblical truth. Rounding out this collection of essays is a study guide encapsulating each chapter's topic.

So, take this week to find a copy. Maybe get your spouse or some friends to read it with you. We will post our own comments and invite your responses on the following schedule:

Chapter 1 - Monday, July 16
Chapter 2 - Wednesday, July 18
Chapter 3 - Friday, July 19
Chapter 4 - Tuesday, July 24
Chapter 5 - Thursday, July 26
Chapter 6 - Saturday, July 28
Chapter 7 - Monday, July 30
Chapter 8 - Wednesday, August 1
Chapter 9 - Friday, August 3
Chapter 10 - Monday, August 6
Chapter 11 - Wednesday, August 8
Chapter 12 - Friday, August 10
Chapter 13 - Monday, August 13
Chapter 14 - Wednesday, August 15
Chapter 15 - Friday, August 17
Chapter 16 - Monday, August 20
Chapter 17 - Wednesday, August 22
Chapter 18 - Friday, August 24

Looking forward to growing together in Christ!


Chip Johnson+, SF, CoJ said...


Just a quick question. Is this a more general program? Several folk at a local eatery Sunday after church, had copies of Traveling Light under their arms, and they were in separate groups. I have a copy...somewhere, and my step daughter gave both of us Traveling Light tee shirts five years ago, when we left on our quest.

Anonymous said...
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