Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The More Things Change The More They Stay the Same

Bishop Gesner pointed out that...many (from the Lakota/Dakota reservations) who have moved into towns and cities have not been absorbed in the life of the existing church... He also pointed out that we need the strength of new members. We should appeal more to the plain people; we should not be guilty of a select clientele.
Convocation Highlights, Missionary District of South Dakota, April 20-22, 1956

Despite all the noise about "inclusion," the Episcopal Church remains in the hands of a very small, select sample of the general population. It's elitism seems to be an endemic and deadly problem.

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Anonymous said...

Bishop Gesner - An amazing human being...this diocese has had inept leadership ever since Gesner retired...one lousy bishop after another. I think the last Episcopal Church consecrated in Sioux Falls was under the administration of Conrad Gesner. What in the world have these bishops been doing for thirty-forty years besides getting rich?