Saturday, January 15, 2011

Banned from Bowls? USC QB goes on mission in Nigeria

University of Southern California Official Athletic Site

"One day we visted the village of Dagon Na Hauwa, where 400 men, women and children were massacred last March by Muslim extremists. We walked with more than 100 children who survived the massacre to visit the mass grave and it was humbling to realize how these children went through such a traumatic event and are still able to laugh and be joyful. It made you thankful for the freedom and safety we have in America.

Another day, I asked some kids my age what was the hardest thing about being a Christian in Nigeria. They said that once they decided to become Christian, they became labeled and thus were a target. They live under constant threat and never knew when they might die. It was encouraging to me to see people stand up for their beliefs, whatever they might be, in spite of those threats."

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