Friday, March 26, 2010

Why running off Episcopalian Charismatics was not such a good thing

Sarah Hey details the various groups that have broken off from The Episcopal Church.

One thing you'll notice in her list is that recent exoduses (exodi? dunno...) have included pretty much all of the denomination's Charismatics. The Epicopalian powers-that-be have run off this small group from the dinky denomination, to be sure, but...

1. They've thrown away the group most in touch with the fastest growing expression of global Christianity.

2. The group which by nature is least concerned with cultural religious trappings and most about spiritual unity.

3. Because of both 1) and 2), the group which is, in reality, least racist and most global. In no other part of the church do you find as many white people as willingly under the spiritual authority of leaders-of-color.

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