Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Quotes illustrate the dubious progress of Episcopalian "Progressives"

1966: "Of all the methods of dealing with Bishop Pike's views, the very worst is surely a heresy trial! Whatever the result, the good name of the Church will be greatly injured. Should there be a presentment and trial of Bishop Pike (which I hope and pray will not happen) the harm, the divisiveness and the lasting bitterness that will be inflicted on the Church we love and serve will be inevitable."

Bishop Horace Donegan convinced the House of Bishops to refrain from significant discipline against Bishop James Pike, who had denied key affirmations of Christian faith, participated in seances, and engaged in blatantly partisan politics.

2010: "...the entity of the Church responsible to defend the trust interest of the Episcopal Church in property is the diocese. If the diocese fails in this, then it should be subject to whatever coercive or disciplinary forces the Constitution and Canons of our Church would specifically provide."

Episcopalian General Convention Deputy Bruce Robison asserts that out-of-budget redirection of millions of donated dollars for "coercive and disciplinary" litigation against other Christians is just fine as the public witness of the Episcopal Church.

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Perpetua said...

Ooops, I was editing that and it resulted in some bad grammar.

To re-state my comment:

Great juxtaposition.

When it suited their needs, they argued against discipline. Now, when it suits their needs, they argue for discipline.

And how telling that the argument against discipline is to undermine church doctrine, and the argument for church discipline is for a money grab.