Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I like 'em but they're not clear on the concept

I really like Joey's Seafood here in Sioux Falls. They had a funny campaign when they opened, asking people to come up with creative explanations of how they got fresh seafood to our landlocked locale.

But right now, they are running a radio ad that says,

"Every day is Lent at Joey's Seafood!"

Yes, they are appealing to the RC fish-on-Friday tradition, which is strong around here. But don't they realize that the last thing most of us want is an endless Lent?

(For those who don't get it: Lent is a Christian season of unsparing self-assessment, confession, spiritual discipline and fasting - those who observe it are pulling for Easter to arrive, not for permanent Lent).


Jill said...

Humorous. In a twisted sort of way! ;)

Miss Sippi said...

Good thing he's not counting on Orthodox customers! No fish at all, except Annunciation and Palm Sunday. Just shrimp, endless endless shrimp.