Friday, March 19, 2010

Lawsuit loving church lies - "preserving property for future Episcopalians" turns out to mean "Sell the buildings for Muslim money"

"This case required a significant commitment from both the Diocese and the Episcopal Church to protect the parish for future generations of Episcopalians, and we are very pleased with the court's ruling," said Heather Anderson of the Goodwin-Procter firm, attorneys for The Episcopal Church. TEC had intervened in the case at the direction of Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori...

The quote is from an Episcopalian public relations release regarding a case in Colorado, but the "protect the property for future generations of Episcopalians" line is used all across the country to justify multimillion dollar lawsuit spending. In the main, the litigation is to eject Christian congregations from buildings and take over bank accounts.

Now comes word that the Diocese of Central New York, which ejected a congregation from Church of the Good Shepherd, Binghamton, is selling the church building to an "Islamic Awareness Center."

In other words, The Episcopal Church is lying. Again. Betraying the work of the Gospel of Christ. Again. Cynically relying upon money and apathetic members, and getting away with it. Again.

h/t BabyBlueOnline, Anglican Curmudgeon


Scott said...

Maybe off topic (maybe not), but do we know how the standing committee and new bishop of SD voted on Glasspool? Seems to me he tried to skirt the entire issue during the election process by saying he didn't know how he stood on the subject of you-know-what.

TLF+ said...

Bishop did not vote, which counts as a "NO". He said his concern for Christian unity outweighed his ambivalence on the "issue," and I am thankful.

Standing cmte. will not say. Their position is, "It will be in our Convention report in the fall." Bogus, but that's where they are.

peggy38 said...

I think the sale is not just the result of complete stupidity (giving the Muslim's a platform among a vulnerable population) but it also seems to be motivated by pure spite. How else to explain what the Kennedy's and their congregation must feel when they see this every day as they are still in the area and still without a church home. Its staggering. Its evil. I am completely gobsmacked. This same dio would not allow the congregation to purchase the building for three times its going price.

It is nothing less than a slap in the face and a glob of spit in the eye for these faithful Christians to see their former church home turned over to a false creed, one that believes that it has replaced Christianity. No better symbol for them of Islam's triumph over Christianity than to occupy former Christian churches.

I'll have to stop now. There is so much wrong with this I could keep going but I'm going to spare you instead. This is a family blog after all.

TLF+ said...

peggy38, you are so right about the petty spite in this.

As blogger Brad Drell pointed out, TEC's support of Islam AND LGBT activism makes no sense - the only coherence there is rejection of Christianity.