Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bishop Robertson blames predecessor for closing Pine Ridge Churches

Bishop Robertson's convention address (text not yet available) included the assertion that "disposing of" the Pine Ridge Reservation churches really began under Bp. Craig Anderson (bishop from 1984-1992).



David Handy+ said...

Hmmm. Shifting the blame is a perfectly normal, natural human thing to do. Goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. "She gave me the apple...The snake tricked me."

Alas, unless the self-deceived, heretical leaders of TEC repent of their faithless ways and return to authentic, biblical Christianity, the whole Episcopal Church is likely to look increasingly like those empty, forlorn chapels out on the lonely plains of the Pine Ridge.

Will the last one leaving TEC please turn out the lights?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever attended one of those "empty, forlorn chapels out on the lonely plains of the Pine Ridge"? if so, you would see that we are in fact living breathing people who attend and support our church. Robertson has all of you fooled into believing that we don't care. Brutha, it's all about the money! They always want more money. You all need to have Barnhart and Robertson audited, cos' money is being stashed somewhere. Mark my'll see.