Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2007 Episcopal Church Stats Out

You can see them at the denomination's Church Development site. First select your diocese on the drop-down field, then the parish you want to check out. When the site gets busy (which it will over the next few days), it can be a bit unresponsive. Hang in there.

Our little parish continues to be blessed. Not to us, but to God's Name be the glory.

TitusOneNine posted a link to the "Fast Facts" summary for the Episcopal Church (these numbers final through 2006). The numbers are awful if you care about church membership and attendance. The remaining members are giving more money to keep the thing afloat, so dollar numbers are up.


prairiewords said...

An interesting chart is Falls Church VA

Off the chart is an understatement, that was a growing church even inside the EO, wonder what their ASA is now.

The whole site makes interesting reading, Kate will probably just 'file' it.

TLF+ said...

I believe the PB is a figurehead and this whole show is being run by Louie Crew and a few folks on the Executive Council.

General Convention is a big, unwieldy joke. Exec. Cncl. claims increasing authority to run the church (it has a mandate to "carry out the program of Gen.Con" or something like that). Exec. Cncl. acts unilaterally and without accountability - who else could be authorizing the lawsuit money, for example?

Schori has no background at all in organizational leadership. She goes out and makes PR appearances as the token "strong woman", but a small clique (kinda like the Priests in the movie 300) are running this mess.

David Handy+ said...


I'm glad you called attention to the dramatic chart of the Falls Church in Falls Church, VA, outside DC. Yes, in 2005 they had an already very large ASA of about 1900. And since the break with TEC, their attendance has shot up even higher. I believe this flourishing evangelical bastion now averages about 2300 in Sunday attendance.

Not only that, they average over 400 kids in Sunday school, and their youth group has over 200 teens.

So, in case all you readers didn't make the connection yet, that means this one parish has an ASA higher than the entire Diocese of SD. Pretty amazing.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Thanks be to God.