Sunday, April 20, 2008

Out-of-state interests prop up South Dakota abortionists - please pray and give to help make things right here

South Dakota has a chance to make things right in November. But Planned Parenthood and other out-of-state interests will be supplying resources, out of state ringer-demonstrators and camera-ready local activists in an effort to keep abortion as a ghastly means of "birth control."
Please visit Vote Yes For Life and familiarize yourself with the ballot measure and the lies being spread against it.
Please pray for this effort to stop abortion as a means of "birth control" in South Dakota.
Please, if you are able, donate to the effort. Campaigns cost money, and Planned Parenthood will be pulling in resources from its New York masters and other interests in other places. Your help will mean a great deal to the pro-life effort.
Eternal Father,
Source of life and light
whose life extends to all people,
all creatures,
all things:
Grant us the reverence for life
which becomes those who believe in You;
lest we despise it,
degrade it,
or come callously to destroy it.
Rather let us save it,
secure it,
and sanctify it
After the example of Your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Robert A.K. Runcie
102nd Archbishop of Canterbury

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