Sunday, April 20, 2008

Open Letter from Anglican Essentials Federation to Canadian Bishops

You can read it all here.


Our first concern is that theology is being changed by actions rather than allowing theology to inform actions. We have not resolved as a Church to bless same-sex unions nor to ordain those living in same-sex unions. Regardless of the individual circumstances, the appointment in Ottawa demonstrates an affirmation of these unions far beyond anything yet decided by the Church or allowed by the canons. Canon XVIII warns against “teaching or advocating doctrines contrary to those accepted by the Anglican Church of Canada.” Are we to understand that by the Bishop of Ottawa’s actions we now advocate such unions as suitable for the clergy of this Church? Let us be clear in our theology and actions...

Our second concern is that such actions jeopardize our place within the Anglican Communion. The Windsor Report states, “…that actions to move towards the authorization of such rites in the face of opposition from the wider Anglican Communion constitutes a denial of the bonds of Communion”...

We request that you address this process of gradualism - changing the Church’s theology by unchallenged action, rather than by intentional discernment and genuinely inclusive theological work.

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