Thursday, April 24, 2008

God continues to bless our servant initiative

Even a small congregation can be a powerful tool in God's hand. Here's the latest on the Moving Assistance Program, which Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls launched after interviewing civic leaders as to unmet needs in Sioux Falls. Praise God for the people helped, the generous provision of supplies, and the gathering of Christians from other churches who are getting involved. Good Shepherd member Craig Friedel reports:

How has MAP impacted our community? In the last 2 months, MAP sponsored 15 projects for 15 adults and 9 children. Each project was categorized as one or more of the following: disabled, domestic violence or assault victims, elderly, and families. Most projects fall into more than one category. For the individuals within the 15 projects, 80% are disabled, 46% are victims of domestic violence or assault, 40% are elderly and 33% are families. Families were moved from Children's Inn and Heartland House. People who required additional help in their everyday lives were moved into assisted living facilities. In 100% of the cases, a new beginning and hope were provided and experienced by the people in need.

MAP's first newsletter, "On The Move", has been published and is available on the MAP website. Articles about MAP have been published in the Argus Leader, South Dakota Area Community Foundation and the Roosevelt High School Newsletter.

MAP has been flooded with calls from agencies in Sioux Falls. Nearly every weekend and several days throughout each week, people are reached out to and assisted with moving. Because of the rapid growth and demand, it is necessary for the MAP Board of Directors to expand. If you are interested in joining the MAP Board, call the hotline (605-221-5950) or leave a message on the website ( Board Member applicant responsibilities include:

· managing, developing and expanding MAP
· must be at least 21 years old and a resident of South Dakota
· must have a business background in at least one or more of the following: business management, people management, accounting, project management, legal or have management responsibilities in a non-profit organization
· must enjoy working directly with volunteers, with the people in need and teamwork

The growth and expansion of the MAP program is based on the availability and commitment of volunteers. More teams from businesses, churches, schools, individual families and organizations are encouraged to help. Without the addition of more volunteers, assistance may be denied to people who really need this service. If you know of individuals or groups wanting to provide a community service, please contact MAP immediately.

Visit the website for details and pictures for the moves completed, upcoming moves, and the wish list.

MAP Hotline 605-221-5950
MAP website:

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