Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Norwegian Gangstas?

What is going on over in Minnesota? First that report on the declines and problems in the diocese, then this letter from a layman resigning his position as a Diocesan Trustee.

Reaaallly worth reading...you might just as well pop in "South Dakota" or the names of many other dioceses. Problems like elitism, questionable priorities for church money, and unqualified people as clergy (especially bishops) are widespread.

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Anonymous said...

Brillant letter! I especially liked the part:

I am not comfortable serving a diocese where our Bishop, his staff and consequently many committees spend so much of their time “regulating” parishes. I believe that demanding charity and regulating stewardship is a spiritually bankrupt way to approach laity of this diocese and is doomed to fail in igniting heartfelt, enthusiastic support for the efforts of our diocese.

I had to look at the letter head twice to see if it wasn't written from South Dakota. It's amazing and humorous to see how much our Bishop asks from this church for his Diocesan pledge. It would bankrupt this church if we gave what he is asking--or is that his point?