Monday, November 26, 2007

Fr. Fountain of Sioux Falls Photographed at an Unauthorized Orthodox Liturgy


Anonymous said...

Funny. Yes, I recognize the "orans" position (uplifted arms in prayer in the venerable, ancient Mediterranean style). But unusually glum facial expression for Fr. Tim. Actually, your enthusiasm and lack of inhibition is one of your most endearing and appealing characteristics.

I like the glorious male cardinal picture much better. How nice it is that there is at least one type of animal in the world where the males are more attractive than the females. And this is particularly true of the spectacular cardinal, the state bird of my adopted home in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

By the way, everyone should pay attention to the fascinating discussion going on now at Stand Firm in Faith about the remarkably honest report put out by your neighboring Diocese of Minnesota on the causes of its long-term decline and its very modest hopes for reversing the downward trends.

Anonymous said...

Why, David, MOST of the animal kingdom enjoys the evolutionary fact of more handsome males than females; the females tend towards the drab so that they blend in with the background while tending the vulnerable young. And, as my husband and I pass (ahem) the mid-point of our lives, I can't help but notice how much more kindly Father Time tends to treat men than women who have advanced beyond "a certain age." :-)

But, Tim, when did you dye your hair blonde? :-)