Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some good news on the clergy front... always room for more!

Back in May, I blogged about Bishop Tarrant's attentiveness to South Dakota's clergy deployment needs. This is not any easy place to recruit or retain clergy.

Thanks be to God, there have been several calls issued and clergy deployed here in recent months. These include:
  • Rita Powell, Diocesan Youth Ministries Coordinator (just had her first child!)
  • Ryan Hall, Rector at St. Paul's, Brookings (hmmm... first child recently born in that family, too!)
  • Ward Simpson, newly installed Dean at Calvary Cathedral, Sioux Falls
  • Stanley Wooley, recently retired, has moved here to serve the congregation of Trinty, Winner.
If you want to explore ministry opportunities in the Diocese of South Dakota, you can get in touch with the Diocesan offices at office.diocese@midconetwork.com , the website is http://www.diocesesd.org/ , and the phone is 605-338-9751. Mail goes to
500 S. Main Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57104-6814. The Rev. Canon David Hussey is clergy deployment officer. He notes the following current openings:
  • Trinity, Pierre, where Bishop John Tarrant was most recently Rector. Pierre is the State Capitol. It is a small city of about 10,000. The parish has excellent facilities and good ecumenical relationships, including a Wednesday night youth program shared by a surprising array of denominations. Good interfaith support system. Also good collaborative ministry with Reservation congregations. (This position is on the national positions open bulletin).
  • Also on the bulletin is a full time Vicar for the Yankton Reservation Mission, based in Wagner. The needs on specific Reservations are often in flux, so check the bulletin for the most current expectation of the position.
  • Here in Sioux Falls, a bi-vocational Anglo-Catholic Vicar is sought for Church of the Holy Apostles.

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