Monday, November 23, 2009

The Rosebud Episcopal Mission's Christmas Toy Drive

From their Facebook page:

Each year our Mission hosts a large Chtistmas party for the community. We are asking anyne who is able to donate toys for this event. We would love new toys, such as games, puzzles, coloring books and boxes of crayons, and Nerf type sports equipment. Gently-Used toys especially, vinyl Barbie or Bratz-type dolls or My Little Ponies. We would also love to get our hands on clothes and accessories for these. Used stuffed animals are fine...we have some folks who are pros at cleaning them.

If you are shipping vis The US Postal Service: The Rosebud Episcopal Mission, P.O. Box 188, Mission, SD 57555. If you ship via ground carrier, such as UPS or FedEx: The Rosebud Episcopal Mission, Bishop Hare Center, 1 Bishop Hare Road, Mission, SD 57555.

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