Friday, May 22, 2009

South Dakota Reservations may receive economic development funds and advocacy from The Episcopal Church

According to a report from the Episcopal News Service, anti-poverty resolutions to be considered at the denomination's General Convention include
  • + (focus) on the poorest counties in the United States that encompass federal reservations for Native develop programs with measurable goals for advocacy to federal, state and local governments to reduce poverty in these counties and to "build capacity and sustainable communities through development initiatives, working with local dioceses and tribal governments."
    The resolution calls for convention to commit a minimum of $400,000 to the effort.
  • + increase by 15 percent the 2007-2009 triennial budget of the four so-called "aided dioceses" of Alaska, Navajoland Area Mission, North Dakota and South Dakota for ministry with native people. It also would give the church's Office of Native Ministries a 20 percent budget increase.

The General Convention takes place in Anaheim, CA in July. Ministry funding priorities are increasingly complicated by the Episcopal Church's membership decline, falling value of investments and litigation over denominational conflicts.

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