Saturday, May 30, 2009

South Dakota Lutherans reject ELCA effort to endorse actively Gay/Lesbian pastors

Madville Times has a report and links via a friend's live blog from the ELCA South Dakota Synod Assembly. A resolution was passed by which the Synod rejected ELCA's Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust. The vote in favor of the resolution to reject the report was 362 - 238.


eric from newyork said...

no vote counts until the progressives win.
Then, no votes can ever be taken again.
That is how it works.

TLF+ said...

eric, If that quote is original, you should copyright it. Pretty much how it works these days - and it shows why "faith by democracy" is not going to work. The faith will always get swept away in favor of the transient causes.

Bruce Robinson said...

To: eric and TLF+:

How true.

Those transient, hopelessly liberal, causes like kindness, love, charity, acceptance, equality, justice, tolerance, etc. do tend to get in the way of hate, rejection, feelings of superiority, exclusiveness, injustice, intolerance, etc.

TLF+ said...

Bruce, you are describing values, which are broad. I am talking about "causes", which are all about a faction.

When you look at the cohort of society that we are talking about here: LGBT married clergy, we are talking about jettisoning much wider values to entitle a very few who aren't even representative of the wider LGBT community .

Where LGBT unions are declared "marriage", very few take advantage. LGBT have been out of the closet for decades now in the culture - so this isn't about any of the high sounding words you fling when you don't have much of a point except to call names.

Madville Times , which posted the article, is a liberal blog - and even the host there recognized that this was not about bigotry. Go read the piece there if you don't believe me.

No, I don't feel superior to anybody. What's funny is, you are the one calling me "exclusive, unjust and intolerant." Buy a mirror.