Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Traveling Light" - Chapter Twelve

Fear is an innate animal reaction to perceived threats. The only way for a human being to answer it in more than an animal way is to have a spiritual way. I think this chapter says that - Lucado says to take our eyes off of what scares us and put them on the Father.

Over at TitusOneNine, Kendall Harmon links to this message from Bishop Ben Kwashi of Jos, Nigeria. The Bishop's home was invaded by men who were ready to kill him, but at the last moment relented. Bishop Kwashi describes how he looked to God:

...I knelt to pray and read from the Bible Psalm 124 waiting for my death; a little while later Gloria joined me and we were praying together; about 10 minutes later they were gone. [Note: do have a look at Psalm 124].

Bishop Ben and his wife took their eyes off of death and looked to God. And Lucado ends Chapter 12 by asking, "Now what were you looking at?"

Chapter 13 this weekend or maybe Monday. Keep looking to God, my friends.

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