Monday, August 20, 2007

"Traveling Light" - Chapter Sixteen

Chapter 17 on Wednesday
Chapter 18 (last chapter!) on Friday

Well, here we are in the final week of our summer book blog. God bless all of you who've taken part - I can tell from the comments that God ministered to you in personal and exciting ways.

ENVY is the burden described in Chapter 16. God gave me grace to laugh at myself - as an occasional devotional writer, I find it easy to envy Max Lucado. I can sinfully covet his wide recognition, while jealously imagining that he writes effortlessly. I bet he writes these devotions on cocktail napkins at dinner, and they come out perfectly finished before the salad arrives. I'm sure he never gets edited. He's never had a rejection notice, I'll wager.

As our chapter shows, it's all about the cup. I need to look at the fullness of my cup, not try to grab Max's out of his hands. Even when it comes to devotions, the one I posted here over the weekend (just scroll down - you'll find it) was posted at other folks' sites, and I've received a number of messages from folks around the country who were blessed by it. Same is true of my sermon yesterday - I'm getting wonderful testimonies about how it reached people. I get to serve the living God by doing things I enjoy, like writing and speaking? "My cup runneth over" indeed!

In all the shake-ups facing The Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion, don't envy "them", whoever "they" are - look at your overflowing cup and be thankful to God, who keeps pouring in blessings.

"They" might keep a pretty building - but God will make some humble place fragrant with your prayers.

"They" might get the earthly titles and entitlements for their little club - but God will make you a steward of heavenly treasure for many.

"They" might get pats on the head from Christianity's enemies - but you will hear "Well done!" from Christ.

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