Thursday, December 20, 2007

Prominent theologian notes role of American Anglican Council/South Dakota in current Episcopal unpleasantness...

(Warning - warped and tasteless video)

But on a serious note, The Reverend Canon Kendall Harmon, host of the Anglican blog TitusOneNine and Canon Theologian for the Diocese of South Carolina, spoke to "Communion Clergy and Laity of Colorado" on November 3, 2007, saying, "...there’s a new group that’s sprouted up in South Dakota in the last year and a half that’s driving the bishop crazy, so..."

Sigh. Our purpose is NOT to do the Bishop any harm. We simply want true statistics and realities in the Episcopal Church to get to the people of the Diocese of South Dakota before there's no diocese left. The problems here are not entirely unique and, sadly, neither are the consequences of the way the Episcopal Church operates. Kinda like the video.


Anonymous said...

Fr. Tim,

The video of that long fight gets old after a while, but makes the point so well, and it's absolutely hilarious (even if, as you warn us, tasteless). Yes, an awful lot of collateral damage is being inflicted on a lot of people by this unresolved civil war in TEC.

But unlike the Simpsons' characters, you really haven't provoked +Robertson. He's the one who completely over-reacted. And that's usually a sign of insecurity and fear. It makes you wonder, what is so fearsome about your little AAC chapter in SD??

Anyway, thanks to Kendall's talks in Denver now appearing online, you have suddenly been catapulted into fame. Way to go! Keep up the good work!

TLF+ said...

Thanks, David+.

A few scattered thoughts:

Bp. Robertson and his wife, Ann, have been very kind to our family in many instances. The Bishop was initially enthused about Good Shepherd's renewed vitality.

His statements prior to our coming here were moderate - even "Windsor" before that term actually emerged. I think it is still his policy to NOT have same-sex-union-blessings in the diocese.

But, like so many, this diocese (under considerable financial need and probably pressure from the "national church", which provides about 1/2 the diocesan budget) has gone over to TEC madness. All the PC language is spoken; all the questions about our decline are ignored. I've heard key leaders talk about how "growth isn't the only measure of success" - true enough, but there is manifest decline and loss so I'm not sure what successes they are celebrating.

We do pray for the Bishop. We gave thanks when he received a kidney transplant that restored him to health and active ministry.

And lately I've been moved to pray for spiritual deliverance and renewal for Calvary Cathedral, Sioux Falls - they have had a terrible ASA decline (close to 100 lost over 5 years), they have had the last several Deans leave abruptly, the Bishop and last interim Dean were both plagued by health problems, and a major leader in the Lakota community at Calvary just died unexpectedly. The place is really suffering - there is spiritual affliction and I am practically in tears every time I drive by the place. Bp. Hare, the missionary Bishop who started up the diocese travelling around by horse and buggy and advocating for the needs of the L/Dakota people, has a monument there and this devastation is not the legacy his ministry deserves.

TLF+ said...

P.S. - vid clip is from Family Guy , certainly a show that clashes with Anglican aesthetics. But this particular video is not too bad an illustration of Galatians 5:15 .

Anonymous said...


Thanks for all the info. It tells me how to pray more effectively for you and the diocese.

Thanks for setting me straight about the video source too. Sorry. Obviously, I don't watch much TV and I'm definitely out of it with regard to pop culture.

I had a similar eerie feeling and burden about the cathedral when I was in Sioux Falls back in 2004-05. And I totally agree about what a shame it is in terms of defiling the sacred heritage of godly Bp. Hare. +William Hobart Hare is one of the unsung heroes in TEC history. A true missionary and pioneer, and a worthy successor of the apostles, like +Jackson Kemper before him.

When I think of Calvary Cathedral I often am reminded of that glorious rose window above the entrance with the stained glass representation of John the Baptist crying, "Prepare the way of the Lord!" And you know the test:

"Make his paths STRAIGHT!" Amen.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Father Tim, Didn't Bishop Lyman Ogilby serve in that Diocese many years ago? Can you tell me what kind of legacy he left behind?

TLF+ said...

Yes, Alice, he did...but I don't know much about his time here...will need to do some research or maybe some of our longer-time South Dakotans can post about him!

Merry Christmas!