Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Prayers - Hunters, Public Works

Pheasant season is on the way, bringing folks from all over the world to South Dakota. Deer and other larger game will be hunted, too. Please pray for safe travel, safe and enjoyable hunts, and with thanks for God's gifts of abundant land and creatures.

Give thanks for South Dakota's tourism industry and the help it brings to the state economy.

Fall will turn to winter quickly (a few inches of snow in NW Minnesota today!), so please pray and give thanks for all in public works - those who maintain roads and utlitities, emergency services and all who work for our comfort and safety in challenging weather.

And of course pray for those who are in need of clothing, heat and other necessities during the cold months. Good Shepherd, Sioux Falls has mounted a very good winter clothing drive, and Anglicans from Virginia have been delivering winter coats to the Standing Rock Reservation. Look for opportunities to meet such needs.

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