Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is there a gracious way to separate?

I was trying to write a gracious summary of the many comments here over the last few days, but the words were not coming. Fortunately, TitusOneNine posted a link to this piece by Fr. Clark West. Now, he's a "progressive, liberal, revisionist or reappraiser." He and I would disagree on many things. But his point is a good one - there is a time where gracious separation, with hope of reconciliation and reunion over time - is better than trying to beat one another into submission and humiliation.

Please give it a read. Don't worry about the little blips of disagreeable stuff you might encounter - look to his main point. And pray and think on some ways that such a gracious move might emerge in The Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion.


Chip Johnson+, SF, CoJ said...

This IS a rather good piece. And, no, I cannot agree on all points; however, this is the absolute best effort to come from the pen and heart of a revisionist since Pike and Spong went crazy over 40 years ago.

That said, it could work! There are many salient points...with the caveat, 'the Episcopal General Convention and Houses of Bishops and Deputies will NEVER go for it, because it presupposes error on their part, and we ALL know they cannot err, they have said so...repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I'm afraid that since today's church has thrown out the Old Testament, (along with large portions of the NT), the hierarchy knows nothing of Pharaoh, the plagues, etc. Not even sure if they are aware of the Charleton Heston/Cecil B Demille version. Bondage and a slow spiritual death seems to be all they know...