Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday: open up my internet and here's the news...

Lohan: `It's Like, What Was I Thinking?'
NEW YORK (AP) — Hindsight is 20-20 for Lindsay Lohan. "When I look back on this last year, it's like, what was I thinking?" the 21-year-old actress says in the March issue...
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Spears Released From LA Hospital
Paris Hilton Goes to Harvard
Accidental Pill Overdose Killed Ledger

For he himself knows whereof we are made; *he remembers that we are but dust.

Our days are like the grass; *we flourish like a flower of the field;

When the wind goes over it, it is gone, *and its place shall know it no more.

But the merciful goodness of the LORD endures for ever on those who fear him, *and his righteousness on children's children;

On those who keep his covenant *and remember his commandments and do them.

Psalm 103, appointed for the Ash Wednesday Liturgy


Alice C. Linsley said...

Vanity, Vanity. All is vanity.

TLF+ said...

I also thought about Psalm 12, esp. v. 8

The wicked freely strut about
when what is vile is honored among men.