Monday, June 18, 2007

The Episcopal Church -- Stay In or Get Out? (Part 3 of 3)

Fr. Chip Johnson, from Hot Springs, SD, contributes the "get out of TEC now" position at The South Dakota Anglican.

Here's a snippet, which puts forward one of the most common and compelling reasons to leave: TEC's institutional, hostile rejection of those who hold to Biblical, traditional Anglicanism:

...we (Chip+ and his wife) were both called into ministry at St. Luke's Church (TEC), Hot Springs, as a part of their new mutual ministery team; me, as sacramentalist, preacher and catechist; and Linda as a member of the pastoral care team and team coordinator. We both entered into the diocesan program of study with the congregation and I read for Episcopal Orders for two years.Two days before my scheduled ordination, my then TEC bishop, Creighton Robertson, 'pulled the plug', saying that my application (which he had on file for over two years) raised some 'red flags'. Yeah, sure, at his first question in my first interview of how I saw myself as an Anglican, I told him that I would describe myself as an evangelical Anglo-catholic, and that ended the interview.

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